Training & Technical Assistance

The State CRCG Office provides training and technical assistance through the tools listed below. CRCG leaders may also reach out to the State CRCG Office for specific training and TA needs related to their local CRCG.

Training and TA Tools

This handbook provides information for CRCG leaders and members to build and maintain their local CRCG. It outlines the basics of CRCGs, walks through starting your CRCG, reviews the roles of both leaders and members, goes over the CRCG process, and more. Tools and resources to supplement this guidebook can be found on the Training Toolkit page of this website.

Want to learn about how to start a CRCG and sustain it? The CRCG Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that offers in-depth guidance for CRCG leaders and members. The toolkit combines information from the CRCG guidebook, webinars, and incorporates useful resources such as training videos and worksheets into easy to navigate modules.

View the Training Toolkit

These one-page tip sheets provide best practices your CRCG can implement throughout the CRCG process, from the referral, preparation, the meeting and staffing, and follow up. For more details on each topic, check out the supplemental video series linked below.

There are multiple layers of requirements related to CRCG operations. CRCGs are a part of a Memorandum of Understanding and are embedded in the policies and procedures of various programs and resources across the state. The following resources outline the roles and responsibilities of CRCGs within the CRCG MOU, programs and resources:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Non-Educational Funds

CRCGs play a role in connecting children and families with disabilities to Non-educational funds.

For guidance on the non-educational funds process, view the Texas Education Agency's Office of Special Populations and Monitoring (OSPM) presentation.

Permanency Planning

CRCGs play a role in creating permanent living arrangements for children who are currently residing in an institution. Learn more about Permanency Planning.

Waco Center for Youth

CRCGs provide letters of recommendation for youth referred to Waco Center for Youth for long-term psychiatric treatment. Learn more about Waco Center for Youth.

For guidance on what to include in the recommendation letter, review the treatment recommendation letter outline. For a sample letter, please contact the State CRCG Office.

North Texas State Hospital

CRCGs provide letters of recommendation for youth referred to North Texas State Hospital-Vernon for forensic services. Learn more about North Texas State Hospital-Vernon.

For guidance on what to include in the recommendation letter, review the treatment recommendation letter outline. For a sample letter, please contact the State CRCG Office.

HB 1204 - Juvenile Justice Diversion

CRCGs play a role in diverting children in the juvenile justice system by recommending services for the child and family to the juvenile probation department. Learn more about
HB 1204 - Juvenile Justice Diversion.

State Supported Living Centers

CRCGs play a role in the admission process for youth to State Supported Living Centers. Learn more about
State Supported Living Centers.

Trainings and Events


The State CRCG Office offers a webinar series to support and train local CRCG leaders, members, and partners. These webinars highlight state agency partners and provide training on key statewide initiatives. They also discuss programs that can help serve CRCG clients. Each webinar focuses on a topic important to local CRCGs.

Monthly Leader Training and Bridge Call

The State CRCG Office hosts a monthly leader training and bridge call. These sessions offer time to provide training and technical assistance to CRCG leaders and answer questions, as well as an opportunity for leaders to share ideas, discuss challenges, and network. A portion of these sessions are dedicated to regional cohort breakout rooms to allow leaders to connect and build partnerships with other CRCGs in their region.

All CRCG leaders are welcome and encouraged to join each month. The training occurs every second Wednesday of the month from  CT. A calendar invite will be sent to all CRCG leaders with the meeting information. CRCG members can contact their CRCG leaders for registration information.

For questions or additional information, please contact the State CRCG Office.

Monthly Leader Training and Bridge Call Schedule

from 10‑11:30 AM CST/9‑10:30 AM MST

from 10‑11:30 AM CST/9‑10:30 AM MST

2023 CRCG Recognition Awards

Nominations are open for the 2023 CRCG Recognition Awards to acknowledge the dedication and accomplishments of local CRCGs and their leaders and members across Texas.

There are two nomination categories this year:

  • Outstanding CRCG Award: This award recognizes CRCGs who exemplify service, dedication and make a positive impact on their community.
  • Shining Star Award: This award recognizes CRCG leaders and members who exemplify knowledge, service, and dedication to their CRCG and make a positive difference in their community.

Nominations can be submitted by anyone who has been impacted by or knows of the great work CRCGs do. CRCG leaders can self-nominate or nominate another CRCG. To complete a nomination form, please visit the Outstanding CRCG Award Nomination Form and Shining Star Award Nomination Form webpages. The deadline to submit nomination forms is November 12, 2023.

Recorded Webinars

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Have a question? Want to get in touch? The State CRCG Office would love to hear from you, provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. Here’s how you may reach us:

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