Community Resource Coordination Groups





The items below are reports that contain information about the Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) Program.

Biennially, the State CRCG Workgroup and the State CRCG Office are required to develop a report about the work of CRCGs. This report is given to the administrative head of each participating state agency, the Legislature, and the Governor.

The report includes:

  • Number of persons served through CRCGs.
  • Information on outcomes of the services provided.
  • A description of any barriers identified to the state's ability to provide effective services to persons needing multiagency services.
  • Any additional information relevant to improving the delivery of services to persons needing multiagency services.

*Report to the 85th Legislature and Governor

Report to the 84th Legislature and Governor

*Report to the 82nd Legislature and Governor

The State CRCG Team sponsored an independent evaluation study from The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Social Work to determine if CRCGs for Children and Youth met their legislative responsibilities.

*CRCG Program Evaluation Executive Summary 1999

*CRCG Program Evaluation 1999

The State CRCG Team sponsored doctoral students of Texas A&M University to develop a report on the benefits and challenges of implementing a CRCG system for the adult population.

*CRCGA Program Evaluation Executive Summary 2000

*CRCGA Program Evaluation 2000

*Recommendations for Adults CRCGs

The items below represent reports conducted by outside agencies, often on behalf of the State CRCG Office, including needs assessments and other pertinent data goals.

*Annual Statewide Data Report

The State CRCG Team worked with The University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work, Texas Institute of Excellence in Mental Health to conduct a needs assessment of local CRCGs.

*CRCG Needs Assessment

The State CRCG Team sponsored a statewide qualitative evaluation to provide strategic direction to the State CRCG Office for website enhancements and updates.

*CRCG Website Redesign Research Topline Report

* " Please contact the State Office at or (512)206-5255 for accessible versions of the linked documents "