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System of care is a framework and philosophy for the transformation of child-serving systems. Established over 25 years ago to better meet the needs of children, youth, and young adults with mental health challenges and their families, this framework has been used across the country to build more accessible, responsive, and effective arrays of services and supports. CRCGs incorporate system of care values throughout their processes.

Texas has committed to the statewide expansion of the system of care framework. Our vision is that all Texas children and youth have access to high quality mental health care that is family-driven, youth-guided, community-based, culturally-grounded and sustainable.

The Texas System of Care Toolkit is intended to assist communities in building effective local systems of care by making useful resources and step by step recommendations easily accessible to communities. The toolkit can support CRCGs in their efforts and help expand their vision for a cohesive system.

Visit toolkit.txsystemofcare.org to access the toolkit modules.
Visit txsystemofcare.org to learn more about Texas System of Care.

Texas Education Agency developed an online trauma-informed training video series for educators with meaningful strategies to support the emotional wellbeing and social needs of students and school staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit https://www.texasprojectrestore.org to access the training series.

Youth who have experienced foster care or adoption may be eligible for financial assistance at Texas colleges. Assistance is available for tuition and college-related living expenses.

State College Tuition Waiver Eligibility Criteria

The college tuition waiver provides exemptions of tuition and fees at Texas public institutions of higher education for youth formerly in DFPS conservatorship, adopted youth, and certain other youth. Learn more about the Waiver Eligibility Criteria.

Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program)

The federal ETV program provides up to $5,000 a year for college expenses such as rent, books, utilities, childcare, computers, transportation, and tuition. Learn more about the ETV Program.

Other DFPS Education Resources

Other scholarships, higher education resources, and transition-age youth resources for youth who have been in DFPS conservatorship can be found on the DFPS website.

Higher Education Resource Chart

This resource provides a side-by-side comparison of the state college and tuition waiver, ETV program, and other DFPS education resources available to foster and adopted youth. View the Higher Education Resource Chart.

Map of DFPS Regions

This map shows where each DFPS region is located and which counties are covered by that region. View the DFPS Regions Map.

Local CRCGs may choose to pursue funding to support their work. The resources below provide information that may help your CRCG search for funding.


Candid is an independent nonprofit that helps connect philanthropists to the resources they need to succeed. They maintain a database of information on grant makers and their grants.

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health began with the Hogg family's bequest with the goal of providing a "mental health program for the people of Texas." The mission of the foundation is to "advance mental wellness for the people of Texas as a strategic grant maker and catalyst for change." The Hogg Foundation has created a competitive program for awarding grants to fund endeavors that advance mental health.

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