The State CRCG Office gathers information about CRCG activities such as the number of people served, recommended resources and agency participation from local CRCGs. This information is used to guide training and technical assistance, identify gaps and barriers, and inform the Texas Legislature and Governor of CRCG activities and community needs.

Each CRCG should assign a leader or member to take on the data reporter role. The data reporter is responsible for reporting local meeting data through the data collection system on a monthly basis and promoting completion of the online satisfaction survey after the individual, youth, or family attends a staffing.

Collecting and reporting local CRCG meeting information is vital to the work and development of CRCGs. Learn how you can utilize your local CRCG data.

Contact the State CRCG Office:

  • If your CRCG does not currently have a data reporter or has a new data reporter.
  • If your CRCG does not have access to the CRCG data collection system.
  • If you have questions about the CRCG data collection system or need help with submitting your CRCG's data.

The State CRCG Office writes a report about the work of CRCGs every two years that is based on local CRCG data. This report is given to the administrative head of each participating state agency, the Legislature, and the Governor. The State CRCG Office has an archive of past and current legislative reports located on the About page of the website.

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to get in touch? The State CRCG Office would love to hear from you, provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. Here’s how you may reach us:

State CRCG Office
P.O. Box 13247
MC 1155
Austin, Texas 78711
Tel: 512-206-5255